A New Dawn


Release Date: September 2013
Produced by: Nick Hinton
Format: Digital



Written, performed and produced by Nick Hinton.

Recorded and programmed in Cubase, all tracks used a variety of virtual instruments from some of the best sample developers in the industry, including Audiobro, Vienna Symphonic Library, Soundiron, Cinesamples and Spitfire Audio.

Pieces were built up in layers over time – with usually the idea written on the piano, then adding each of the string sections, woodwinds, brass, percussion and often some synth bass for extra low end goodness. I love the sound of the celeste (what I call a mini piano) and the glockenspiel, particularly mixed in under the piano.

I’m a really big fan of realism, and although all my orchestral sounds are sampled (from real players), it can be quite a challenge to get things to sound as if these people are all playing in the same room at the same time. I use quite a few different reverbs, EQs, compressors and stereo panning in order to try to emulate the sound of a real orchestra. I also mix in quite a few synth patches, choirs, pads and other-worldly sounds as I’m writing and arranging.

Mixing the track usually takes place whilst the track is being written and produced, and as I always aim for an emotional reaction whilst writing and programming, I’ll be striving to get to the stage where I can mix down a rough version by the end of the day.

Sometimes tracks are then left for days/weeks or months at a time, and I’ll revisit them, take a fresh look and tweak, edit or completely rebuild the piece from scratch, depending on things I feel need changing.

All tracks mixed, edited and mastered in 24bit 48khz. “Believe” “At Play In The Sky” and “The Lighthouse (Film Mix)” were mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Christian Wright.

All other tracks mixed and mastered by Nick Hinton.

Letter to Jessie
Lunatic Circus
At Play In The Sky
The Garden (Intro)
Walk to Freedom
Let Go
Final Approach
The Lighthouse (Film Mix)
Changing Times
As The City Sleeps
The Garden (Let’s Climb Trees)
A New Dawn

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Christian Wright, Nick Hinton