In Between


Release Date: October 2017
Produced by: Nick Hinton
Recording Format: 24bit 48K PCM
Release Format: AAC/MP3 Digital



1. Riding The Waves
2. Open The Blinds
3. In Between
4. Again
5. Fairytale
6. Never Knew
7. Riding The Waves (Instrumental)

Written by Nick Hinton between March and August 2014.

Recorded and Mixed between March 2014 and July 2016.

Bass guitar on ‘Riding The Waves’
and ‘Riding The Waves (Instrumental)’ by Dan Hawkins.

‘Riding The Waves’ and ‘Riding The Waves (Instrumental)’
Mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, July 2016.

All other tracks mastered by Nick Hinton.

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Sam Hayles

Bass Guitar

Dan Hawkins, Nick Hinton


Miles Showell, Nick Hinton