Release Date: May 2007
Produced by: Nick Hinton
Format: Digital
Genre: Pop/Alternative



  1. Scared
  2. Reeve
  3. Strange Fascination

Album Review

Quirky pop masterpieces from British singer songwriter Nick Hinton.

Nick’s exhilarating laments on the human emotional experience manage to talk to the soul while planting a melody firmly in your heart and a lyric in your head.

However important the catchy tunes are, Nick Hinton’s music is about his ability to express his own experiences and feelings in a way that can touch the listener on different levels. Here we have a 3-track EP called ‘Haunted’ – his first release since the 2004 debut ‘Raw As The Day.’

It’s an unusual and interesting collection. His songs of love, loss, hope and fear carry a strong melodic heartbeat with lyrics that speak of humanity in its rawest form.

There are moments when you can hear him breaking, moments when you know he’s giving his all to the performance and to the song. It draws you in – it’s very addictive.

Album Notes

Performed and recorded by Nick Hinton.

1. Scared

Mixed by Nick Hinton and Tim Roe.
Mastered by Ian Cooper at Metropolis Mastering.

2. Reeve
Mixed by Nick Hinton.
Mastered by Ian Cooper at Metropolis Mastering.

3. Strange Fascination
Mixed by Nick Hinton and Simon Osborne.
Mastered by Nick Hinton.

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